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Scope of Private Practice: Mentor and Clinical Supervisor for Mental Health Practitioners in Individual and Group Settings

Supervision for Psychotherapists and Psychoanalysts

Dr. Kavaler-Adler is a Training Analyst and Senior Supervisor who has supervised many psychotherapists and psychoanalysts since the early 1980s. She received a certificate in the supervision of psychotherapists from Postgraduate Center for Mental Health in 1985 after completing her own psychoanalytic and psychotherapy training in 1981 at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies (NIP). She served as a faculty member at both Postgraduate Center for Mental Health and NIP for many years until she founded the state chartered psychoanalytic, relationship oriented, training institute for psychotherapists (in 1991) - the Object Relations Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis of New York City. Currently, she is serving there as a Board member, Executive Director, and Senior Training supervisor.

Besides Dr. Kavaler-Adler's teaching and supervising for psychoanalytic psychotherapy training institutes, she also has been practicing supervision for clinicians on a private basis since 1983. Given her role in the field as a theorist and author of more than 58 journal articles and edited book chapters, and of three well known published professional books, she is particularly aware of the clinical struggles that each individual psychotherapist must face. This allows her to both empathize with the difficult experience of processing clinical work that each individual clinician must face, as well as to educate the individual clinician with her extensive theoretical knowledge and her own integration of how to apply this knowledge to clinical work. Dr. Kavaler-Adler is available for supervisory consultations on clinical work in the field of psychotherapy and she conducts group supervision as well in her practice, where each participant can get feedback from the group about their work, along with Dr. Kavaler-Adler's guidance.

Dr. Kavaler-Adler can tune into the plight of each clinician in processing the often inarticulate, and sometimes toxic (in terms of hostile feelings) messages that they experience, not only through words, but with a whole range of feeling states received by the clinician through sensory, affective, and body level experience, which her background in dance therapy and nonverbal forms of dissociated psychic expressions has prepared her for.

Dr. Kavaler-Adler is also able to help clinicians with differentiating their own subjective history as it is triggered by patients ("subjective countertransference") and the more objective aspects of countertransference that any clinician sitting with the patient would feel and experience. This helps clinicians to understand what their patients are trying to induce in them, and to see more clearly what and how things are truly related to the patient, as opposed to what needs to be processed and understood by them as "their own stuff." Since everything we feel with patients is somehow related to the patient it is a real art to decipher how to make use of what we feel in the room with the patient to understand the patient, while not projecting on to the patient our own stuff that might get triggered along with the feelings we feel in the room with the patient. Dr. Kavaler-Adler has helped clinicians work with these dynamics for some decades now, and she has also written and published some of her insights about the supervisory process as in her 1985 article in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis on "The Supervisor as an Internal Object."

Dr. Kavaler-Adler's special sensitivity (and 35 years of experience) with the mourning and grief process also allows her to help clinicians in supervision with her to mourn the pain of losses and disappointments, and separations, that get triggered while with their patients, and to sort through the grief, guilt and shame that often takes them by surprise when sitting with patients, particularly with patients who have so much of their unprocessed losses and grief. Her astute attunement to the mourning process needed for development in all of us allows her to sense if there is pain ridden sadness in the background that needs conscious processing. Likewise, she can sense if there is alternatively the pain of one's own rage, or the sadness of a loving grief that has not yet met with the final curtain of saying "good-bye" to someone one has, or still, loves. Dr. Kavaler-Adler is not only known for her astute and sustained memory of all the aspects of her patients' and of her supervisees' histories and experiences presented to her, but she also is known for her acute sensitivity to feeling the most subtle levels of grief and sadness that peek through the background of the minds of those she works with. Bringing such "out of awareness" sadness and grief to the attention of her supervisees, just as she would bring such to the attention of her patients, allows them to release the burden of unprocessed mourning that may be blocking their full presence in the room with their patients and clients.

To contact Dr. Kavaler-Adler, please call 212-674-5425 or email DrKavalerAdler@gmail.com.

Office address: 115 East 9th Street, Suite 12P; NYC, 10003


***Over 35 years Experience in Psychoanalytic/ Psychodynamic/ Object Relations Psychotherapy with Individuals, Couples, and Groups, while utilizing unique approaches to working with: ***Depression, ***Anxiety & Fears, ***OCD, ***Loss, Grief, & Mourning, ***Self-Sabotage/ Abandonment & Separation, ***Guilt & Shame, ***Trauma & PTSD, ***Relationship & Betrayal Issues, ***Divorce/ Domestic Abuse & Violence, ***Dissociative Disorders, ***Elderly Persons Disorders, ***Gay Lesbian Issues, ***Parenting issues, ***Blocked Creativity, ***Spirituality, ***Personality Disorders & Borderline Personality. ***Supportive therapeutic groups: Self-Sabotage, Fear of Success, & Fear of Envy; Developmental Mourning; and Creative Healing Writing. *** Group supervision for Mental Health practitioners: Utilizing the Object Relations approach in therapy, and Envy issues in personal and professional life of therapists.***Additional modalities utilized: Guided Psychic Visualization, Creative Writing, Life Coaching, and Dance Therapy.

Contact Dr. Kavaler-Adler: call 212-674-5425 or email DrKavalerAdler@gmail.com


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